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Preventative Maintenance

Is a Preventative Maintenance Necessary?

Preventative maintenances are often overlooked by homeowners. This results in the most expensive appliance in the house being neglected until it breaks down and costs a lot of money to repair or replace. Not only does Cumberland Cooling provide affordable preventative maintenances, but we also clean your coils as part of that maintenance. Cleaning the coils is the best way to save an AC system, something many other companies will not include in their maintenances. This is just one of the many benefits our maintenances provide you. Have a look at just some of the benefits below and remember that Cumberland Cooling is in business to provide you with peace of mind.

Lower Energy Bills
Improved Capacity
No Contracts
Extended Equipment Life
Priority Customer Status
Emailed Seasonal Reminders
Fewer Repairs
No Overtime Charges
Hassle Free Scheduling

No One Likes Yearly Contracts

Maintenance contracts have been used for years as an HVAC industry standard for companies to be valuated financially and customer retention. Cumberland Cooling does not believe in contracts! Why pay for services you have not received yet and frankly may never receive from a shady company. We like to email seasonal reminders so you can call and schedule a maintenance at your convenience. No commitments! No wasted money! No Hassle!

Preventative Maintenance Prices

The first HVAC system for $75

Additional HVAC systems for only $50

Don’t wait to save money on energy and repairs. We want you to stay comfortable!

Schedule Now!

Every Preventative Maintenance Includes these Services

Clean Exterior of Unit

Inspect Wiring for Cuts or Frays

Tighten Electrical Connections

Check Control Board and Control Fuse

Clean Condenser Coils in the Spring

Check Relays for Proper Operation

Check Delay Timers for Proper Operation

Check Compressor Ohms, Voltage, and Amperage

Check Condenser Motor Ohms, Voltage, and Amperage

Check Schrader Pin Cores and Tighten

Test Airflow and Static Pressures

Ductwork Leak Inspection

Checking Thermostat for Proper Operation

Washing of Reusable Filters

Removal of Dust and Lint Build-up On Return Grill

Clean Air Cleaner Cells

Inspect Blower Motor Mounts for Safety and Tighten

Check Blower Motor Ohms, Voltage, and Amperage

Inspect Fan Blades for Cracks and Balance

Inspect and Replace Blower Belt if applicable

Verify Drains are Properly Draining

Check Temperature Drop Across Evaporator

Check Temperature Rise Across Condenser

Check Refrigerant Charge

Check Disconnects for Signs of Burning and Pitting

Check Thermostat Heat Anticipator

Check for Proper Inducer Blower Motor Operation

Check Vacuum Switch Operation

Clean Flame Sensor

Check Hot Surface Igniter for Proper Operation

Check Heat Exchanger for Signs of Cracking, Holes, or Rust

Clean and Vacuum Heat Exchanger Cells

Check and Adjust Gas Pressure

Check Temperature Rise Across Burners

Clean Drain Pan and Add Algae Tablets

Check Fuse Clamps for Tightness

Clean Evaporator Coil in the Fall if applicable

Check Reversing Valve Operation

Check for Proper Defrost Operation

Check for Combustibles Near Furnace

Visually Inspect Exterior of Flue Pipe

Remove and Clean Burner Bars if applicable

Check Sequencers

Check Relays

Check Fan Limit Control

Check Contactors for Burning and Pitting

Check and Repair Armor Flex

Visually Check for Refrigerant Leaks

Clean Debris from Condensing Unit

Check Evaporator Drain Pan for Leaks

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