When Cumberland Cooling performs an annual maintenance, we go through a number of steps and procedures to try and eliminate as many possibilities of breakdown or inefficiency as possible. These are all great things and can help in the long run, but the most important thing we do in a spring maintenance is cleaning the condenser coils.

While we do recommend having maintenance regularly it is not essential every single season for most systems. But cleaning the condenser coils is essential for maximum efficiency and longevity.

What is the condenser you ask? Its the part outside that has the fan on top and has louvered grills on the side.

We will show in the following video how to clean the condenser coils at home, by yourself! Maybe you don’t want to have a full maintenance, maybe you’re self quarantining, no matter the case this simple process can be done by anyone and goes a LONG way in keeping your system fresh.

Give us a call if you have any questions, otherwise, happy cleaning!